Choose between relaxing, deep tissue, neuromuscular-trigger point, sport or hot stone therapy.

Relaxation (Swedish)
Helps you relax, releases tension and stress, and tenderly moves lyph to help you become healthier.

Deep Tissue
Affects the deeper layer of fascia that supports muscle tissue and loosens bonds between the layer of connective tissues.

Neuromuscular-Trigger Point
Relief of chronic pain and stiffness.

Sport Massage
For avid athletes. Loosen up tight muscles. Deep tissue massage combined with muscle stretching.

Hot Rock Therapy
Uses heated lava rocks to relax muscles and nerves. Heat stimulates blood circulation so it is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing.

Hand, Foot, and Scalp Massage
Relaxing, moisturizing, stress-releasing massage for hands, feet and scalp, by hand or using acupressure with invigorating Pneumatic Gx 99 Vibratory Endermatic System.