Half Hour Facials

Facial Massage (Geargika's Special Magyar Facial Massage)

This massage treats your face, neck, and shoulders with moist steam and a choice of 18 plant extracts and five concentrates of exxential oil blends that suit your skin needs. Forty-one different combinations of ten basic massage movements are used after cleansing the skin which stimulate blood circulation, regenerate the skin by bringing nourishment and oxygen to the cells more quickly, carry away waste products and remove dead skin. The facial massage also helps with muscle tone relaxation and healing. The use of steam gives extra moisture to the skin. The last ten minutes of the facial includes massaging of the acupuncture points and meridians of the face.

After cleansing the skin, a scrub is used with a brushing machine. The facial is followed by a moist steam face and neck massage which adds extra moisture to your skin.

Single Masque
Any of our Emminence or Guinot masqu, like sour cherry for exfoliating, carrot for vitamins, menthol or rosehip for rosacea, algea or egg yolk. Wide range of choices.

Guinot Hydradermie
is a beauty treatment with visable, lasting results that imbues the skin with well-being. Using fortified gels, active ingredients selected to suit your skin type and diffusion of gentle ionization, your face gains a new, radiant beauty. Hydradermie is now the internationally preferred treatment for major beauty salons and women who want the best for their skin. We will choose the treatment that meets your needs: for oily skin, dry skin or sensative skin; to eliminate wrinkles; to lighten skin with vitamin C; or to care for the eyes and neck.

Nourishment and moisturization is provided for your skin by using ultrasonic waves.

Lymph Drainage
The kneading action of a pneumatic massage machine helps detoxify and stimulate blood circulation.

Eminence AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment and Paprika herbal Treatment
These products from Hungary are used together in a layering process. The all-organic fruit glycolic peel and stimulating, oxygenating, detoxifying treatment leaves your skin velvety smoot, refreshed, glowing and youthful-looking. This is the hottest treatment in town!

Electric impulses effectively treat skin tags, cholesterol deposits, milia, cherry angrome, spider novei and telangiectasis.

One to One-and-a-Half-Hours Facials
The European Spa Signature Facial
(Georgika's Special Magyar Facial)

This is how Magyar women get beautiful. After examining and cleansing the skin, moist steam face and neck massages follow. Blackheads or whiteheads are extracted. After sanatizing the skin, it is exfoliated with a brushing machine which is followed by the use of exfoliating cooling products. Different masques are applied which produce smaller and tighter pores. Special mixtures of herb extracts to nourish and moisturize are applied with hot towels or paraffin. ph balance is restored.

Guinot Liftsome Energy Treatment
A triple action: "firming," using a vitamin-enriched serum to tighten the elastic fibers; "lifting," using orange and ginsing extracts to lift the features; "anti-fatigue," using Chitin to smooth the skin. Lift some is the first really effective booster treatment with orange extracts that revives the skin with a flourish. The tone of your skin is immediately improved, fine lines are minumized, the facial contours appear firmer. After a heavenly massage, you feel renewed outside and inside. The treatment is ideal for all skin types. (dry, oily or sensitive) and works miracles on tires, lines skin.

Eminence Hungarian Organic Facial
This is the "natural" choice with the highest possible level of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, handmade in Budapest, Hungary. After cleaning and toning, a different treatment follows for each skin type (exfoliating, stimulating, oxygenating). You choose between extraction or massage, or get both, and you can add neck and shoulder massages customized to your needs. (Options: stone crop, seven herb, sweet red rose, sour cherry, pumpkin-orange, carrot vitamin masque, etc.) Serum and moisturizer are applied as a finishing touch. The Best.

Silhouet-Tone Gentle Lifting
A new electro-stimulation method is used to revitalize skin and muscle. A microprocessor-controlled pulsating galvanic current is used to gently stimulate the selected areas of the face and body.

An anti-aging breakthrough! The first 5-Layer Oxygen Facial System! New precision German technology delivers oxygen to the five epidermal layers. Only Oxyjet achieves a critical reservoir of oxygen and active ingrediants in the stratum basal layer of the epidermis. Oxygen is the elixer of life and helps treat numerous skin conditions, including loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and blemishes, and uneven pigmentation.

Oxyjet Delivery Systems
Oxygenesis: a critical deposit of active ingredients and oxygen is added to the stratum basal layer of epidermis with oxygen pressure injections.
Oxyspray: an oxygen spray treatment where oxygen and concentrated active ingredients are gently applied in the treatment of highly sensitive skin following plastic surgery, acne condition and sunburn.
Oxyaroma: an oxygen aroma inhalation where inhalation of oxygen with pure essential oils helps revitalize the body, mind and soul.

Guinot Well-Being Aromatic Treatment
Phytotherapy. Nature's vibrant beauty is embedded in its fruits, leaves, roots and flowers. A truly natural approach, phytotherapy uses the whole or part of the plant to help treat skin conditions and promote overall health.

Aromatherapy. Scent is the most enduring of our senses. It has the power to transform our emotions, and heal our bodies. This ancient practice uses botanical oils to promote health and well-being.

Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy principles combine to create a unique concept in skin treatment and overall well-being. A selection of essential oils and a customized blend of plant essences instantly improve every skin concern. Incorporated with the exclusive Guinot massage techniques, the Well_Being Aromatics Treatment is a full spa experience.