Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
We color your eyelash or eyebrow hair. It stays on for four to six weeks. Shades are blue-black, black, dark brown, brown, brownish red, reddish brown, and light brown.

Makeup and Italian Sorme Mineral Makeup
Because you are beautiful in your own special way, our analysis and design can assist you in making the most or your best features.

One Hour Makeup Lesson
We can teach you how you can change your look and give you a chart and color diagram to take home with you.

Half Hour Makeup Application
For the times in your life when you would like us to help you look your very best, make an appointment before your big event (wedding, birthday, anniversary), or any other special day for you.

Permanent Makeup - Soft Top Method
Non-dissolving color deposited at an angle to the dermis. Eye liner or lip liner can change the shape of your eyes and lip; eyebrow replacement.

Face or Arm Bleach
If you have dark facial hair, a face bleach can make it almost disappear by making it lighter. This process is recommended every three to four months in summer. More frequent treatments are required during the winter months.

This is also available for other parts of the body.