Application of Self-Tanning Lotion
Guinot self-tanning products gives you a streak-free natural suntan glow. By applying with Gx99 sponge, you also get a massage! Enjoy it and take home a bottle of self-tanning product to keep you glowing all the time.

Shirodhara Ancient Oil Treatment
Ancient therapy calms the mind and body with the oldest new oil treatment. This classical Ayurvedic treatment slowly pours warm oil across the forehead and into the scalp with amazing results. It's been shown to reduce tension, enhance circulation, and even improve memory. And the oil naturally nourishes the hair and scalp. A wonderful complement to other treatments.

Body Polish
Eroma Exfoliating Scrub contains finely ground apricot seeds or Dead Sea salt or rosehip and maize exfoliating masque to smooth and polish your skin. The skin acts as a protective envelope and helps your body maintain vital health and beauty. Eroma or Eminence exfoliation treatments eliminate dead surface cells and leave your skin smooth and youthful, increases circulation and blood supply for improved nutrition, oxygenation and detoxification.

Parafango Treatment (Anti-Cellulite Treatment)
Paraffin is mixed with sea mud, which causes pore dilution and perspiration, eliminating toxins, and purifying your skin. The treatment has a clming analgesicy effect. Stimulates blood circulation.

Lymph Drainage with Pneumatic Massage
This machine works on the principal of kneading, alternating between a sucking and a blowing action. The procedure is designed to break down cellulite and drain the toxins into the lymphatic system so they can be efficiently removed from the body.

Gx 99 Vibratory Endermatic System
Endermatheropie is a new non-invasive technique and advanced method for increasing circulation to the skin muscle, corrective tissue and skin cells by simultaneous vibrational gyratory pressure, percussion stroking and/or kneeding, together with applied heat, essential oils and/or exfoliating cream. Used for cellulite treatment, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, body massage, body polish and reflexology.

Swedish Miracle Body Sculpting System
The Swedish Miracle Body Wrap System uses the ancient arts of pressure wrapping and masquing and the finest natural products available to tighten the skin, and contour and detoxify the body.

THe Swedish Miracle Body Wrap System is specially formulated with amino nutrients, the building blocks of protein, which help break down and burn fat naturally. Swedish Miracle combines four amino acid nutrients that target surface fat breakdown, skin and muscle tone development and detoxification. The exclusive Swedish Miraclay is a rich blend of the finest natural sea clays available. The smooth and creamy clays each perform a seperate function for superior results. The skin and soft tissues are compressed, firmed and tightened while amino nutrients nourish and moisturize at the cellular level.

This special body wrap system will:

  • Compress fatty tissue and tighten the flesh
  • Tone and firm underlying muscle tissue
  • Nourish and rejuvenate skin and tissue
  • Stimulate cellular metabolism
  • Break down surface fat and eliminate cellulite
  • Maintain and improve skin flexability and suppleness
  • Help diminish stretch marks
  • Help flush and eliminate toxins

  • Golden Moor Mud
    Principal ingredients: plant extracts (basil, fennel, marigold, sage, etc.), inorganic substances (iron, calcium, potassium monoxide, etc.), organic substances (fatty acid, nitrogen, amino acid, etc.), trace elements (chromium, copper, manganese, iodine, iron, etc.), biochemical compounds (penicillin, canolium, vitamins, etc.). Casselman mud holds high levels of humic acid, which assists in preventing arthritic and rheumatic pain, and gives the sense of well-being; therapeutic, slimming, cirulatory, tones and reduces orange peel appearence of the skin. For optimal results, three treatments a week for four weeks is recommended.

    Golden Moor Cellulite Treatment
    Use Golden Moor Mud with Silhouette oil, Silhouette cream and cellulite massage. helps eliminate trapped toxins and stimulate ineffective circulation hydration.

    Eminence Body Scrub
    Rosehip and maize exfoliating masque with corn meal; exfoliated with Gx 99 vibratory endermatic system. Exfoliation and relaxing massage.

    Eminence Body Wraps
    Using any of the organic masques for moisture, tone, vitamins, etc.

    Eminence Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment
    Highly stimulates, regenerates and improves skin tone vitality.

    Eminence Herbal Stimulating Body Wrap for Cellulite
    The use of ingredients like ivy, horsetail, paprika, oak leaves and heat massage helps skin look firmer, more elastic, and detoxified. Visible signs of cellulite are reduces for smoother, softer, glowing skin.